10 Hidden Hill House References in The Haunting of Bly Manor

10 Hidden Hill House References in The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor is somewhat of a philosophical sister story to The Haunting of the Hill House, being more of an emotional affair. Nevertheless it is a well-crafted horror gem having compelling tragedies, not to mention the meticulous acting! In addition to weaving a chilling new tale, Bly Manor surprised us by how often it referenced Hill House. While some were overt and obvious, many of the Easter eggs were hidden so well you may have missed them. Hence, we have thoroughly scoured the anthology series for you and rounded up the key callbacks!

Obviously there are major spoilers ahead for both The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor! So make sure to be done with the both the sister shows before you dive into this.

From familiar camera shots and visual callbacks, right down to certain lines of specific dialogue, here’s 10 Hill House Easter eggs slyly tucked away in Bly Manor.

1. “You’re Expected”

When Dani first arrives at Bly Manor, Flora welcomes her using the phrase “You’re expected”. This is exactly what Olivia Crain’s ghost told Nell on her last night at the derelict Hill House before luring her downstairs and ultimately to her death. This line was a subtle hint that a ghost might have possessed Flora at that point, thus being the first red flag in the series.

"You're expected"
“You’re expected”

2. “Come Home”

When Miles is away at boarding school, Flora sends him a letter with a drawing and the message “COME HOME” written on it with a crayon. This is a wink to Hill House‘s ominous “Come home Nell” message that was scrawled underneath the wallpaper. When Nell returned to the house as an adult, it turned out that it actually read “Welcome home Nell”.

Bly Manor's Hill House reference: "Come home"
“Come home”

3. Lion Doorknobs

Yes, a lion head is a popular design for door knockers, but Bly Manor’s extravagant door decor is likely a subtle nod to our other favourite haunted house. This is another visual callback to the lion-faced door knob attached to the Red Room in the Crain family home. This detail pays homage to the Shirley Jackson novel that inspired the first installment of the series. After watching Hill House, it’s hard to notice the two gold lion knockers on Bly’s front door and not see them as a bad omen of terrors within.

Bly Manor's Hill House reference: Lion doorknobs
Lion doorknobs

4. The Strangest of Dreams

In Bly Manor, both Miles and Hannah mention that they had strange dreams. In Hannah’s case, this refers to her growing realization that she’s dead and thus slipping in and out of her own memories and current events. Whereas, Miles uses it to refer to being “tucked away” while being possessed by Peter Quint’s ghost. Fans of Hill House will instantly connect this to Olivia’s similarly tragic episode where, like Hannah, she finds herself slipping away more and more, when she says the same thing to Hugh after the chandelier falls from the ceiling.

Bly Manor's Hill House reference: "I had the strangest dream"
“I’m having the strangest dream”

5. “I Can Fix It”

Before leaving for India with Dominic, Charlotte visits Henry one last time to officially end their affair. She tearfully apologizes for not telling him earlier that he is Flora’s father. Bidding him goodbye, she says, “I can fix it,” referring to her marriage and family. This is a reference to Hugh Crain’s common refrain all throughout The Haunting of Hill House, where he keeps telling himself he can fix everything including his wife’s death. Of course much like Hugh, Charlotte isn’t able to fix everything as she ends up dying in an accident abroad.

"I can fix it"
“I can fix it”

6. A Similar Camera Angle

One of the ways in which Mike Flanagan establishes Hill House and Bly Manor in the same anthology series is through the use of the familiar camera shots. In Bly Manor, Henry Wingrave’s menacing alter ego bends down on him as he’s lying down. Nell finds the Bent-Neck Lady hovering over her the same way when she wakes up from her sleep in the middle of the night in Hill House. And as it turns out, the Bent-Neck Lady is none other than Nell herself, much like how Henry haunts himself.

Bly Manor's Hill House reference: The Bent-Neck Lady shot
The infamous Bent-Neck Lady shot

7. Forever House

Peter Quint explains the idea of the “forever house” to Miles and Flora where they’ll be able to spend the rest of their lives with their deceased parents. According to this plan of his, the children would eternally be tucked away into memories. The Haunting of Hill House viewers will remember Olivia’s plans of building a forever house once they had sold Hill House. It, however, does become her (and Nell’s) forever house after they fell victim to the mansion’s evil life of its own.

Forever house
Forever house

8. A Familiar Promise

Right before Miles agrees to allow Peter to possess him, Peter assures Miles that “nothing sad will ever touch you, ever again.” This same phrase is used but changed slightly in Hill House. It just mirrors how Olivia tries to justify that by murdering their children they’ll wake up from their nightmare and be safe. She tells Hugh “nothing bad will ever touch them ever again”.

Bly Manor's Hill House reference: "Nothing bad will ever touch them ever again”
“Nothing sad will ever touch you, ever again”

9. Deadly Visions

Many years after Dani invites Viola’s spirit to live inside her own body, the Lady in the Lake slowly begins to take her over. Eventually Viola slowly crept toward the surface causing Dani to see things and act in certain ways. One day, Dani has a vision of reaching up through the water and choking her wife Jamie to death, only to wake up with her hand around her throat. Similarly in Hill House, when Olivia begins losing herself to the house she wakes up one night straddling Hugh in bed with a screwdriver pressed against his neck.

Dani and Olivia's nightmares
A nearly murderous vision

10. “The Rest is Confetti”

Hannah eventually comes to terms with the fact that she’s a ghost. As the ghosts are about to disappear, she asks Henry to pass on a goodbye to Owen. “Tell him I love him. And the rest, well… it’s just…” Hannah is cut off before she could finish the sentence. ‘The rest’, Flanagan confirmed on Twitter, is just confetti. Although we didn’t need Hannah to finish the sentence to know she is calling back to Nell’s final message to her family in the final episode of Hill House. “I loved you completely. And you loved me the same. That’s all. The rest is confetti.”

Bly Manor's Hill House reference: "The rest is confetti"
“The rest is confetti”

I’ll always cry over the word “confetti,” and I blame these shows.

Did you spot any other Hill House Easter eggs in The Haunting of Bly Manor? Let us know in the comments below.

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