Try out the best 10 Weight gain friendly meals

Try out the best 10 Weight gain friendly meals

“Hey you! Skinny, come here”. Relatable, right? While some people out there call you lucky for being thin, at times it’s surely a curse more than a boon. You keep on taking diet plans from nutritionists and use every tip to increase your weight. But, no results! Let’s take a break from those monotonous weight gain friendly foods or snacks and switch to some healthy meals. So, hold on as we get you familiar with some healthy weight gain friendly meals.

10 Weight gain friendly meals

1).Rice, Dal and Cooked Veggies

If you’re an Indian, you are much familiar with this. But if you’re not, then no issues! Get to know it now. Rice contains a high amount of carbohydrates that give energy to your body. Besides, dal (cooked pulses) is high in proteins. Cooked veggies provide all the minerals required to support the body. When the body needs energy, it cuts down the fats. This combo serves enough energy to your body thus restricting you from burning the fats. Also, make sure to maintain a proper proportion. Take up this one among the weight gain friendly meals twice a day and you’ll see results within a short period.

Rice and Dal

2).Whole-grain Pasta cooked in white sauce

Pasta is always a great source of carbohydrates and good calories. In fact, when cooked with white sauce, pasta becomes healthier and of course, tastier. Now there are different kinds of pasta. Make sure not to opt for flour (maida) pasta. It can lead to cardiac complications. Instead, opt for whole grain pasta. Try this out among the tasty weight gain friendly meals today!

White Sauce Pasta

3).Butter Toast and Protein Smoothie

Always make sure to opt for multigrain or brown bread. White bread is not quite good for health. Also, Butter, on the other hand, is rich in healthy fats. When the bread is toasted with butter, the amounts of good calories increase. Proteins keep your body strong. They provide enough energy and the amounts of fats cut down from the body decreases. If you haven’t tried this one, then better get on with this combo!

Butter Toast and protein smoothie

4). Fried Chicken Wings and Fried Rice

Chicken wings are rich in proteins and fats. In the second place, rice is the best storehouse of carbohydrates. In this meal, both chicken and rice are needed to be fried. But this doesn’t mean that any oil can be used for frying. Make sure to use thin-oil or low-fat oil. This is because oil can give rise to bad calories. Serve yourself with this luscious weight gain friendly meal!

Fried Chicken and Fried-rice

5).Burger and Baked Potatoes

The question is, “Why Burger? Why not Pizza?” Let’s find the answer. A burger is healthy. It contains raw veggies and the cheese is not baked. Thus, the bad calories are not added. Further, the patty should be light and should be fried in thin oil. Baked potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates that keeps your body fueled. Thus, the fats are not cut down from your meal. Don’t try French fries with this as the patty of the burger is already fried. Try this weight gain friendly meal today if you haven’t!

Burger and Baked potatoes

6).Multigrain Bread with Peanut Butter and Banana shake

Multigrain bread is good for health and you can never regret it. Peanut butter is rich in good calories. Also, make sure not to toast with peanut butter. Instead spread the butter after toasting the bread. Bananas, being rich in carbohydrates keep you strong and fueled. Now, why am I stressing about carbohydrates? It’s because once you have enough energy to keep yourself going, your body doesn’t need to cut fats. That’s where you start gaining weight. Rush to the store if you don’t have the essentials and treat yourself with this combo today!

Multigrain bread with Peanut Butter

7).Pancakes, Yoghurt, and Fruits

For all the sweet lovers out there, this one’s for you! Pancakes cooked with wheat-flour, bananas, nuts, and fat milk are surely a treat to your taste buds. Yogurt rich in calcium and minerals keep your bones strong and allows the growth of fats in your body. Further, fruits, like always, are the best antioxidants that keep your body hydrated. This is one among the all-sweet weight gain friendly meals that will show results in less than a month.

Pancakes, Yoghurt and Fruits

8).Mayonnaise Salad and Cheese toast

You have got varieties of mayonnaise. Pick the one that you like the most. No restrictions! Get some green veggies and make a perfect mayo salad. Further, spread cheese between two multigrain bread and then toasted! A treat to taste buds. The best part, here’s where you say no to restrictions. Finally, try this combo today and get assured results within a month!

Cheese Toast

9).Scrambled eggs, Multi-Grain Bread and Apple

Eggs are rich in proteins. When fried, they add up the fats and can help your body gain good calories. Again, multi-grain bread is good for your health like always. You can not-only toast it, but also have it raw. Also, complement your meal with an apple. Being an antioxidant, it’ll keep your body hydrated. It has proven to be one of the most effective weight gain friendly meals.

Multigrain Bread with Scrambled eggs

10).Lemon rice and Oily Fish

Rice, again, is rich in carbohydrates. Also, when cooked with lemon, it gives out an amazing aroma. In the second place, fish is one of the best foods for keeping yourself healthy. Eat some well-cooked oily fishes like Tuna and Salmon. These fishes contain the omega layer which is a great supplement to our body. This is one of the healthy weight gain friendly meals.

Lemon Rice and mint fish curry

These are some of the best weight gain friendly meals. These can only supplement your weight gain. But there are some restrictions too. Don’t try to put on weight with junk foods. They contain some toxic components which can lead to severe health complications. Do regular exercises and Yoga. You need not hit the gym but if you are interested, you can hit the gym. Rest assured, if you’re interested in losing weight, check out Lose your weight with 10 uncommon weight loss friendly meals.

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