5 Supporting Characters that Deserved Better

5 Supporting Characters that Deserved Better

Everyone loves a good protagonist or a villain who is the very embodiment of evil. But every story has supporting characters that adds depth and a unique element to the story. Quite often we come across supporting characters that we connect to. Ones that are as remarkable as the main characters and ones that forever leave an impression on us with their stories.

Here are some supporting characters we love and we think deserved better

1. Justin Foley- 13 Reasons Why

Justin Foley was unquestionably one of the more disturbed supporting characters in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. He lived alone with his neglectful, addict mother who brought home violent boyfriends. In all of her turbulent relationships, Justin bore the brunt of their anger and frustrations. Unable to find peace at home, he runs away. During the time Justin had run away from home, he engaged in prostitution and developed an addiction of his own. He is later diagnosed with AIDS owing to the time he spent homeless and eventually succumbs to the disease. 

Justin was a complex character with a tumultuous background. One who has dealt with many tragedies that most children his age don’t. However, he was a character that showed a lot of growth as the show progressed.

13 Reasons Why Finale Death

2. Fred Weasely- Harry Potter

Fred and George Weasley are perhaps the most memorable supporting characters in the Harry Potter series. The duo is always ‘up to no good’ with their outrageous antics. It comes to us as a terrible surprise when we witness Fred departing from the world. His death is especially sentimental, knowing the bond he shared with his twin. It makes us want to believe that Fred is still running their eccentric shop Weasly’s Wizard Wheezes alongside his twin brother.

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3.Kashibai- Bajirao Mastani

Although the movie chronicled the love story between the Peshwa king Bajirao and Mastani, it is impossible to ignore the prominence of his wife, Kashibai. Kashibai is a strong character who loved her husband very dearly.  Although unhappy, she maintained a cordial and respectful relationship towards Mastani.

The Queen called Kashibai – The Quill

4. Finnick Odair- The Hunger Games Series

Loved by the people of The Capitol for his charming looks, the Victor of the 65th Hunger Games first comes off as an arrogant, self-absorbed individual. However, this was only a facade he had created to protect the secrets he harbored.

Soon after his victory, president Snow forced him into prostitution with a threat to the lives of his family. He was also highly distressed and troubled when the love of his life Annie Cresta was captured after the Third Quarter Quell. Things look up for him when they bring Annie back and she’s soon with a child. Their happiness is short lived as Finnick dies at the hand of the Capitol in the Revolution.

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5. Andy- The Office

Initially coming off as a frivolous character, Andy Bernard is one of the better-developed supporting characters in the show.  Initially short-tempered and boastful of having attended Cornell, Andy’s personality has only grown in-depth as the show progresses.

Mentioned by his colleague Jim, Andy is a ‘Yes-Man’. Andy yearns for the approval of his colleagues, which he never received from his parents. His habit of bringing up Cornell also seems to be a plea for the people around him to acknowledge him. 

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