About Us

EnfoZone was born as an idea for a blogging platform comprising a blend of concepts on food and entertainment. It was formulated and creatively executed from the thought-clouds of our founders Sarthak ,Suryansh and Srishti.

Enfozone is a blogging website for all entertainment and food lovers out there, bring a thought-striking movies and soul-salivating food to your tiny screens, for an all around experience of everything good, when everything is going south with this world!

Why should you read us?

Real talk! Scrolling gets monotonous. How many times are you going to open the same 3 apps and stare at meaningless pictures? 

With Enfozone you read and look at what you love and crave, which is everything tasty and entertaining. EnfoZone built to serve as a blogging platform, which would give our readers a punch of palatable and a scoop of startling entertainment.

Reading our blogs will help you understand your favourite shows, enjoy the most delicious and iffy dishes, and even fill up that bucket list of yours! Get to know the world of food and entertainment from the comfort of your couch with our nitty-gritty engrossed blogs.

Meet the Team