Here’s Why iZombie can make you fall in love with Zombies.

Here’s Why iZombie can make you fall in love with Zombies.

People love watching movies about the world apocalypse or doomsday, especially zombie movies. They are among the highest in this category. Although we have seen many great zombie apocalypse movies like Night of the living dead, Zombieland, and such. Yet, they mostly follow the cliche plot of the unknown spread of a virulent and abominable plague. Once bitten the newly infected were crammed with an insatiable hunger for the brains of the living. And humanity must fight for its survival against the legion of the implacable undead. But we would need something new, and surprisingly Rob Thomas has brought us a brand new and unique zombie show “iZombie”. 

“iZombie” is a supernatural procedural crime TV series centering on the life of a zombie medical examiner Liv who helps solve murders. The protagonist, Liv Moore, turns into a zombie and must feed on human brains to prevent turning into a shambling ravenous beast. Therefore she joins the Seattle police as a medical student to get her constant supply of human brains. But these brains also give her visions of the past life of the deceased. And Liv as a good zombie uses to help the police to find the murderer and bring justice. If this still does not convince you, then we have provided a few reasons why you should be watching this wonderful show.

Where to watch- Netflix

No of seasons- 5

Total no. of episodes- 71 (you can check the list of episodes here)

Here We have listed 5 reasons why you should watch iZombie:

1. Based on a DC comic book series-

"iZombie" is Based on a DC comic of same title
“iZombie” series is the TV adaptation of Comic Originally named “I,Zombie”

‘iZombie’ is based on the theme of a comic book with the same title. “IZombie” is a DC comic series created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred picturing the life of a zombie girl Gwen. However the plot is loosely based on the comic series, Rob Thomas has adopted a specific storyline to be the focus of the show. The main similarities include the female zombie protagonist, dependence on the human brain for survival, visions, and solving crimes. Despite this, you can find some great differences between the two such as their name, their job, and the supporting characters. Moreover, Rob Thomas has neglected a few supernatural elements like werewolves and ghosts from the comic to incline the show more towards the real world.

 2. A New Liv Moore Every Week-

Rose Mclver as Liv Moore showing different personalities.
Liv’s personality traits switches every time she consumes a new brain

After a frightening incident at a party, Liv Morre turns into a zombie feeding on human brains. But the interesting part is she adopts the personality traits and gets visions of the past life of the deceased person. Every time Liv eats a new brain she turns into a totally different person. These personality changes give an exciting twist to the story. Meanwhile, Liv’s personality twists might interest you how her action leads to a new chapter in her life. But it’s intriguing to watch how these visions help Liv find the victim’s killer and bring justice.

Liv has played a male painter, a frat boy, a stripper, a country singer, and many other personalities. Actress Rose Mclver did exceptional work in playing all these characters so gracefully-she pulls off every look! Every week, Liv turns into a new character, which helps her learn a new lesson. These might help her smooth her bonding with her family and friends. And one more important note: you definitely want to see Liv in “Full On Zombie Mode” kicking the bad guys.

3. Ravi Chakrabarti is the King of Puns-

Rahul Kohli in "iZombie"
Rahul Kohli as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti in “iZombie” entertaining everyone with his geek jokes

Ravi Chakrabarti is Liv’s boss at the morgue and her dearest friend and partner in crime. He is one funny nerdy that can win your heart in seconds, He’s the best friend one can ask for. Liv and Ravi have a strong friendly bond, he even helps Liv to find a cure for her zombie disease. Although Liv is the main character of the show, huge credit for the comic relief goes to Ravi. And this was only possible because of Rahul Kohli, the actor who played Ravi, and his phenomenal acting, which steals the show. You can also follow Rahul Kohli on his Instagram handle- @rahulkohli13 (I already know you are gonna search him up on google after the show). Trust me he’ll never fail to entertain you.

Ravi definitely deserves to be awarded as the king of puns, for his numerous jokes and puns throughout the show. There are so many puns but you won’t find them all (but you can always try)unless you have watched every episode at least twice(like me, trust me it’s that tempting). The writers have littered the show with pop culture references too like tons of them in every episode and they make it more relatable and realistic. And if you happen to have watched Veronica Mars, you’ll find many references to it, thanks to writer Rob Thomas.

4. Wickedly tempting Brain Food Porn-

A Cheese sandwich with human brains from the set of "iZombie".
A Normal Cheese Sandwich but with “Brains”

One of the main highlights is Liv as a zombie who craves human brains. She does that so she won’t turn into The Living Dead stereotypical zombie which she likes to call the “Romero”. In addition, she cannot taste normal food(except extra spicy food) as she has lost her taste buds. Although other zombies directly consume the brains Liv is a classy girl, she finds shocking ways to prepare her meal. Whether it’s Brainy Spaghetti, Brain nougat bar, or just stir-fried brains the detailed depiction of how Liv cooks make it appealing and appetizing. Yeah, I know it’s weird to think about it but Liv makes brains look tempting. And you know what? You can always have the recipes of Liv’s worriedly delicious dishes, check out this site(yeah, of course not with brains but with alternatives).

5. Unparalleled and Remarkable Cast of iZombie-

The Cast of "iZombie"
The Main cast of ‘IZombie’

The production has done incredible work when it comes to casting the characters of the show. It won’t be wrong if I say the “IZombie” cast is one of the best casts in the CW(you will agree when you’re done watching the show). Although Rose Mclver who portrayed Liv Moore did a phenomenal performance, the rest of the cast made it more funny, relatable, and interesting as supporting actors. Whether it’s Rahul Kholi’s Star Wars references or The Bromance between Ravi and Major(Liv’s boyfriend, played by Robert Buckley), which just makes the show more delightful.

Major credit goes to David Anders who played Blaine Debeers aka the antagonist, the show was great because it has a unique villain. Blaine is the kind of villain you won’t fall in love with(not like Loki) but you’ll find him likable. Also, we can’t forget Malcolm Goodwin who played Clive Babineaux, the detective aka the sane one. Every insane and crazy show needs a normal person, here we’ve got Clive. His dry expressions to Liv and Ravi’s jokes are one thing you will seek in the show. 

Besides the permanent cast, we have got many guest stars whose performances give more meaning to the show. For Instance, Bradley James is Liv’s love interest, Jason Dohring is the Leader of Fillmore Graves(Zombie militant army). And we also have Izabela Vidovic who played Isobel Bloom and how can we miss the talented Aly Michalka who played Liv’s bestie Peyton. The reason the “IZombie” cast is best is that we can see their cute and funny bonds not only on set but behind the screens too.

All I can say

…is that “IZombie” has all the suitable reasons that make it a perfect show to watch. One cannot define the perfect genre for this show as it displays a variety of genres and feelings. Every episode brings a different feeling and a different message with itself. Although the show’s Finale is already out, so we won’t be seeing new episodes of iZombie but as the saying goes “Part of the Journey is the End”, let’s enjoy this ending as well. But you could get the pleasure to binge-watch it all at once. And there are plenty of relationships for you to ship. Whether it’s the love triangle between Ravi, Peyton, and Charles or Clive and Dale. But Liv and Major’s relationship is enough to keep you captivated. Don’t forget to tell us which relationship you loved the most in the comment section below.

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