KISSING BOOTH 3 is out! Expectations from the Netflix Trilogy.

KISSING BOOTH 3 is out! Expectations from the Netflix Trilogy.

The Kissing Booth 3 is one of the most anticipated installments of the top Netflix Trilogy, the Kissing Booth. We have all witnessed some pretty breath-stopping suspense and cliff-hangers along with sweet romances in the previous two movies. Keeping the fans quite excited, it pumps them up for the third one. It was released on the 11th of August, as Kissing Booth 3. You can stream it on Netflix. But, before that let’s hear some fan theories, along with a brief recap view.

Here’s what leads upto Kissing Booth 3, in the Netflix Trilogy:

If you are yet to watch the previous two installments of this Netflix trilogy here’s the summary.  Elle Evans (Joey King), the female protagonist who plays a teen in the movie introduces her best friend Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) and his brother Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi), in the first kissing booth movie. She confesses her crush on Noah and starts to date him. Due to which, drama occurs between her and her best friend. Later in the movie, the problems get resolved and Noah leaves for his college, Harvard.

In the second kissing booth movie, it is shown that Elle has a bit of difficulty maintaining her relationship with Noah. As she starts to suspects him cheating on her with Noah’s friend Chloe (Maisie Richarson) from Harvard. Simultaneously she enters a dance competition with the new male character Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez) and unintentionally falls for him. Ultimately, the movie ends with her choosing Noah. Although, in the end, there’s a cliffhanger of uncertainty, whether their relationship would work or not, just like in the first movie? 

Now that you have had a recap, the question is:

What should you expect from Kissing Booth 3?

In the trailer of the movie, Elle Evans, the female protagonist, gets accepted in both of the universities she applied for. One of which being Harvard, where her boyfriend Noah Flynn, is a student. And the other being Berkeley, where Lee Flynn, her best friend, also gets accepted into.

It is followed by showing all three of them having a fun summer before leaving for college, putting her closer to making a decision. Between all this, she finds herself accidentally caught up with Marco, her previous love interest in high school. She opens up to him about having the difficulty to legitimately choose between her two favorite people because she does not wish to disappoint or lose any of them.

Whilst, she is confused about her actions, Lee’s mother talks to Elle and explains how she is busy making her decisions based on other people’s expectations and not her own. Later on, Elle realizes that she has to make decisions for herself and not anybody else. 

I believe there are few possible scenarios that can be played out regarding this.

Which college will she choose?

The first and the most obvious choice for Elle would be Harvard and not Berkeley. But there might also be a possibility of her separating from Noah and still going to Harvard, as suggested in the trailer with a fight scene between the couple.

The second possibility can be that she leaves for Berkeley with her best friend Lee. There is the possibility of her not opting for Harvard because Berkeley was a mutual dream school for the best friend duo, as shown in the very first movie of the Kissing Booth trilogy.

And the third possibility which might be the least possible one for the fans is Elle not choosing any of the universities and taking a year off to explore herself.

So, what about the situation between Noah and Marco, you may ask?

Well, if we look back to who she chose, keeping in mind that she and Noah did overcome numerous obstacles, it is foreshadowed that she will end up with Noah. But then, there’s also a chance of him not ending up with Elle and going for Chloe. Of course, it would seem a little ironic given that Chloe was the one who encouraged them to resolve their issues, reuniting them at the end of the second movie.

Now coming to the outcome of the situation Elle has with Lee.

How will their friendship escalate, in the epic Netflix Trilogy? 

This is a tough one. There isn’t much to say when it comes to this question. Their friendship is beautifully portrayed in all three movies and we can safely call them ‘goals’. Therefore, if she chooses Berkeley, there is a solid chance that things will be okay between them. Yet, if not then let us hope they don’t become enemies. Because we all know, Netflix loves a good unexpected development and catching us off-guard.

Now that we’ve discussed all the scenarios of how many directions the movie can forward…

Let’s keep in mind that all of these are Theories.

Albeit whatever the outcome will be of Elle choosing for herself, the end of the trilogy with Kissing Booth 3 will surely be worthwhile. Quite heartfelt moments, emotions, and drama are assured in the trailer. I do hope Elle chooses Noah again like the last time and goes to college without any complications in Kissing Booth 3.

Let us know if you have any other theories about Kissing Booth 3 or the Netflix Trilogy. Which ones did you believe in the most? And also which part did you like the best out of the Netflix-trilogy romantic-comedy? The third installment of the Netflix Trilogy is out now! Go watch it here.

And if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, I suggest you go watch it, here!

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