Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home and its Wild Expectations

Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home and its Wild Expectations

Marvel has given some of the best and most exciting series and movies in its time. Again this once, it is ready to drop another bombshell, Spider-Man: No Way Home. The wait is too long for MCU fans or even Spider-Man biases. So I thought to share some expectations and predictions fans and even I have from No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Rumors for Spider-man No Way Home began circulating a year ago, when Alfred Molina, the actor who played Dr. Octopus in Spider-Man 2 confirmed that he’d be making an appearance in the third installment of the MCU Spider-Man trilogy, No Way Home. Since then Spider-Man fans have been speculating the possible scenarios that could take place and with the recent marvel TV show Loki. This confirms that the multiverse is officially canon, this threw a lot of fans into a frenzy. Conspiracy theories have been running wild in online forums. It is almost a given that No way home is a trending topic on Twitter once a week.

So, now that brings us to the question, what can we expect from Spider-Man No Way Home?

The original Sam Raimi trilogy is a fond memory for a lot of people in their late teens and early 20s because that was the superhero they grew up with. The fact that helped was that Peter Parker is one of the most relatable characters out of the vast collection of superheroes.

From the jaw-dropping train sequence of Spider-man 2 to the bizarre yet iconic dance scene from spider man 3, all of it serves as a fond memory for most of us.

Then the Amazing Spider-man duology arrived, starring Andrew Garfield, Unfortunately, it was a very critically panned series although most seem to collectively agree that Andrew did the best he could. It had the potential to be much more but it failed to reach spectacular heights.

Keeping all this in mind, what role will this movie have in expanding the MCU?

Here are my thoughts on what to expect from No Way Home:

1. Appearance of all three Spider-Man

Spider-Man 3 can possibly have all the 3 Spider-Man.

Probability rate: 90%

The most famous or rather infamous rumor from the perspective of Kevin Feige. The rumor is that all three spider-men show up in the movie. Internet sleuths have discovered and analyzed pictures of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield including a picture of Andrew on set.

Andrew denied the rumors saying the photo was edited but keep in mind, Marvel makes their actors sign Non-disclosure agreements. It prevents them from speaking about their movies. I think this rumor has the credibility to it and can see this happening. The leaked photos seem very real and Marvel would miss a huge opportunity to not include the very superheroes that fought these villains. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see all three spider-men team up and take down the sinister six, which brings us to:

2. Appearance of villians from all previous spider-man movies

Every villain from all the previous Spider-Nan movies in the Spider-Man 3 trailer.
Villians from all Spider-Man Movies

Probability rate: 99%

The second rumor states that all the previous Spider-man villains will also show up and collectively form The Sinister Six. One of Marvel’s most iconic groups and one that fans have been waiting to see in live-action for so long. Marvel has essentially confirmed this themselves. Through the trailer as there were glimpses of Electro, Lizard, Sandman, Green Goblin, and Doctor Octopus in it

With these 5 appearing in the trailer, it isn’t that far off an assumption that the sinister six will show up. But it is still a mystery who the last member is. Some assume it to be Rhino from the Amazing Spider-man series and others assume it must be a villain already in the MCU. Whomever it may be, one thing is for sure, the Sinister Six will team up in the movie.

3. Daredevil in Spider-Man

Marvel might bring Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Home.,
Daredevil in No Way Home

Probability rate: 80%

Since the cancellation of the Netflix TV show Daredevil. Fans have been clamoring for Marvel to bring back Charlie Cox as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in the MCU. Now rumors have begun to spring up that Marvel has finally got around to it, and he probably will be making an appearance in No Way Home. He will not be donning the costume according to the same rumor. He will appear just as he alter ego, Matt Murdock.

Being a lawyer, he may even end up defending Peter Parker in court. As we can see Peter was being questioned by authorities for his involvement in the death of Mysterio from Far From home. This would be a great surprise and a gift even for the fans of the show as it had a cult following. Those who were left heartbroken after its cancellation will be extremely pleased to see the man in the red suit bring back justice to the streets of New York.

4. Appearance of Venom

Appearance of Venom in Spider-Man 3 may be quite possible.
Venom in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Probability rate: 30 %

This one is a bit out there and more of something that I would love to see myself personally. The Sony Spider-man universe has begun with Venom, one of Spider-man’s most famous foes. So it wouldn’t be that far of a reach to think that Sony and Marvel could work out a deal. Where they could possibly introduce Venom into the movie.

Especially after Marvel introduced the multiverse, the jump Venom has to make from the Sony Universe is made much easier through this. It could be even a post-credit scene but that would be more than enough to be the cherry on top of a movie that already is likely to make comic fans geek out.

Probability rate: 30 %

Besides all these rumors, the most obvious expectation at the end of the day is for this movie to be a great watch. It is one thing to cram all these characters in but it is also another thing to fit everyone. It makes a cohesive storyline that doesn’t seem too rushed or cramped. The MCU has been able to deliver solid movies with a plethora of characters before such as Avengers Endgame. So, we can remain optimistic about the same for No Way Home

Finally, it is also essential to keep in mind to not have a lot of expectations. The movie might head in a completely different direction from what everyone expects. This could lead to a lot of people feeling like they have been let down which sort of acts as a disservice towards all the hard work the people involved has put into this. The movie is merely three months away from now and until then, keep your expectations in check.

Nuff said.

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