5 Movies Based on True Stories that deserve more Recognition

5 Movies Based on True Stories that deserve more Recognition

Movies based on true stories are a great option when you get irritated with this mind-boggling yet simple question, “What should I watch today?!” Especially in today’s era of the OTT, where we have so much to watch, it can get confusing to choose. Believe me, when I say, you are at the right place!

Although Fictional and Sci-Fi movies are a great option to just sit back and enjoy that extraordinary yet imaginary tale. But sometimes you need a Real-World touch into your film, that’s when ‘Movies Based on True Stories’ steals the spotlight. There are very well-known Movies based on true stories such as Zero Dark Thirty, Rain Man, or Moneyball, etc. If you haven’t seen them yet then what are you waiting for, my friend. However, there are some Amazing Movies Based on True stories that deserve more attention. We have recommended a few below that will hopefully fill you with inspiration, energy, and enthusiasm.

Here We have listed 5 Movies Based on True Stories:

Trial of Chicago 7 (2020)-

IMDB- 7.8/10

Genres- Drama, History, Thriller

Where to watch- Netflix

Movies based on True Stories: Protesters protesting in Chicago in 'Trial of Chicago 7'
Abbie and Rubin along with other protesters in the Chicago riots protesting against tom Hayden’s arrest by Chicago police.

Everyone’s aware of the US-Vietnam War. Well, this movie displays the Protests against the Vietnam War and the unfair trial that happened in 1968 in Chicago. US Federal government charged seven Anti-Vietnam War protesters for provoking riots at the National Democratic Convention in Chicago, Illinois. The film demonstrates the brutal police violence, the flaws in the system, and the racial injustice shown by the authorities. The morals portrayed, dynamic dialogues, and the cast’s exceptional performance- all have made this dramatic trial reside in the audience’s heart forever. After all, it’s an Aaron Sorkin movie.

Lost Girls (2020)-

IMDB- 6.1/10

Genres- Drama, History, Thriller

Where to watch- Netflix

Movies based on True Stories: a still from Lost Girls
People paying respects to the girls found dead in the Long Island Community.

‘Lost Girls’ is a story of a desperate mother, Mari Gilbert who’s on a hunt to find her lost daughter. The movie catches pace when Mari Gilbert doesn’t hear from her daughter, Shannan, for days and she tries to file a report. On learning about the negligence of the police department in Shannan’s case, she decides to do her investigation in the gated community, where Shannan was last seen. This led to the discovery of several other bodies in that area who were believed to be sex workers. The film conveys the message that maternal love shows no limits when it comes to her child’s life. The film indicating no prime suspect in the case makes it more mysterious and fascinating.

The Most Hated Woman in America (2017)-

IMDB- 6.1

Genres- Biography, Drama, History

Where to watch- Netflix

Melissa Leo as Madalyn in 'The Most Hated Woman in America'
Madalyn holding the magazine of her portraying as ‘the Most hated woman in America’.

Movies about Religious conflicts and discrimination are among the most praised subjects for movies based on true stories. After all, there were many revolutions all over the world, if you love movies on these topics then you should give it a shot.

‘The Most Hated Woman in America’ is a biographical drama film portraying the life of the famous controversial figure of 1960’s America, Madalyn Murray O’ Hair, an American activist and founder of American Atheists. The film portrays her mysterious kidnapping followed by her death.

The film sets into motion when David Waters, a former employee abducts Madalyn, her son Garth and her grandson Robin. Then the scene shifts to flashbacks depicting Madalyn’s life, which shows how she became the most hated woman in America. The film displays the struggles she had gone through and the conflict between her and her elder son William.

The movie’s main motive is to outline the religious oppression and discrimination that occurred during those times and still are. It successfully sends the message that one has the right to choose one’s religion and shouldn’t be forced. This movie will surely have you surf through the internet about Madalyn’s life, even though the movie covers up pretty much most of it.

7 Days in Entebbe (2018)-

IMDB- 5.8

Genres- Action, Drama, History

Where to watch- Amazon Prime Video

Daniel Brühl and Rosamund Pike in '7 Days in Entebbe'
Wilfried and Brigette hijacking the Air France flight

When you say ‘Daniel Brühl’ I hear ‘Zemo’.This phenomenal actor has proved his unique acting skills with his performance in MCU ‘Civil War’. His improvised dancing scene in the series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” took the world by storm. If you loved Zemo’s performance as I did and love to watch rescue movies, I recommend “7 Days in Entebbe”.

“7 Days in Entebbe” recalls the 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight and its rescue operation in Uganda. The movie begins when German Militants Wilfried (Daniel Brühl) and Brigitte (Rosamund Pike) hijacks a plane with 250 passengers on board. The hostages were kept in the city of Entebbe in Uganda with a mission concerning the Israeli-Palestinian issue. But the Israeli government decided to pull off a courageous rescue mission rather than negotiating with the terrorists. The interesting twist is that despite being terrorists Wilfried and Brigitte are shown to have sympathetic behavior towards the hostages.

Zodiac (2007)-

IMDB- 7.7

Genres- Crime, Drama, Mystery

Where to watch- Netflix

Movies based on true stories: a still from 'Zodiac'
Paul(Robert Downey Jr.) and Robert(Jake Gyllenhaal) trying to decode the Zodiac’s letter

‘A Killer Mystery Movie’, a perfect tool to give you the occasional adrenaline hit. We all love mystery movies and when it says “based on a true story” it most certainly gives you the chills.

David Fincher’s “Zodiac” is a perfect mixture of mystery, drama, crime, suspense, and thrill and it is based on a true story, making it an ideal film to add to our list of movies based on True Stories. The film is inspired by the Case of the Zodiac Killer, a serial killer rampant in San Francisco in the 1960s. Terror spreads when an elusive serial killer in San Francisco sends letters to the press challenging them to catch him. But only a cartoonist Robert Graysmith was bold and stubborn enough to give up everything to find this psychopath. Giving up more information about the plot will ruin the film’s fun and excitement, so just give it a watch.

Movies based on True Stories have maintained their record for having a soft spot in the audience’s heart rather than other movies. Its correspondence with real events and figures makes it relatable to the audience and this familiarity builds an emotional connection between the audience and the characters. Whether it’s a war story depicting the famous battles, a biopic of a person who made himself from scratch, a killer mystery, or a tale demonstrating the powers of the human spirit, these movies surely manifest that real life can be mysterious, inspiring, and stranger than fiction. 

If you have other Movies based on True Stories that you want to share with us, then the comment box is all yours! Feel free to put your suggestions.

Add these movies to your Watch list and prepare yourself some snacks because no matter how good a movie is, it’s always incomplete without some good munchies. Need some help to choose the perfect movie snack? Check out our blogs on Dry Evening Snacks and Mango recipes for summer.

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