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Privacy Policy

What Enfozone’s Privacy Policy have to offer?

We respect the privacy of our readers and assure their safety. We keep the information safe and do not disclose any confidential data to the third party. The information is accessed by our trusted associates only on emergency.

We record data based on identity and technical.

Identity data includes Name, Comment and Likes. The name which you enter while commenting on our blogs will be displayed publicly on our site. People can like your comment as well as reply to it. In case of liking our blogs, your details won’t be shown on our site. Only, +1 will be added to the number of likes.

Technical data includes IP address of the device, time spent on the website while surfing through it, pages accessed, number of blogs read etc. This data does not include your personal information.

Why do we record this data?

We maintain transparency among the organization and the readers.

We record this data for:

Maintaining a database for our convenience

Improving our services

Checking authenticity of our users

Avoiding unnecessary turmoil

Cookies: To ensure that identity is authentic, our website provides cookies. Also, none of your personal data of the device such as device password etc. is disclosed to us by the web browser. We ensure your security. Also, you can always avoid cookies from the site at any time.

Security: None of your personal data is disclosed by us for host benefits. Your data is safe with us.

Policy Change: Any updates in the privacy policy will be updated here. Make sure to keep yourself updated by coming back to this page frequently.

Guarantee Policy

Experienced Writers:

Our writers are experienced and have been working in this field for a respectable number of years. They are selected based on their performances in the interviews as well as the written assessments. We ensure quality over quantity.

Non-Plagiarized Content:

Each of our write-ups are true and checked on online tools for plagiarism before publishing.

Authentic Information:

Information provided by us on this website is a result of thorough research by our writers and experts. We ensure that each piece of information which reaches our readers is true and authentic.

24*7 Customer Service:

Our readers may have queries and doubts regarding the topics which deliver information unlike entertainment-based content. So, we have assistants available 24*7 for you. Feel free to contact us at any time through details given in the ‘Contact’ page.

Subscription Policy

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