The Ultimate Guide To Taiwanese Street Food

The Ultimate Guide To Taiwanese Street Food

Taiwanese  street food is a treat to everyone. Taiwan is without any doubt one of the world’s largest street food capitals. In Taipei, but also in many of the major cities, there are many lively markets which sell an almost baffling  array of treats  and snacks of every description.

Taiwanese food combines a rich edible heritage with a liking for making and selling the distinctive art of good eating charm. However, the problem when you first visit is with what food item to start from. So here are some of the best Taiwanese street food that you must try when you visit there.

This can help you to find your way towards the most delicious and mouth watering street foods.

So let’s start;

Not tempting but tempting Stinky tofu

Stinky Tofu- Taiwanese street food

Stinky tofu is a type of street food which you can find easily because of its smell. It may not seem like a tempting food item because of its odor (as you might guess from its name). But once brewed, deep fried and stifled in sauce, the stinky tofu gets tastier than you would ever think. This makes it an essential Taiwan food to eat while visiting there.

You can find tofu served in china towns across the world. You will find them generally charred in vegetable oil, served alongside chili sauce or soya sauce.

The style of serving tofu is different in different countries. You can find it in Hongkong, Taiwan, Shanghai and China towns around the world .  You will generally find them charred in vegetable oil, served with chilli sauce or soya sauce. Stinky tofu is sometimes served as part of a larger main dish or in a soup.

People describe it by its smell by the name ‘ old socks ‘, ‘ gone off blue cheese ‘ or simply ‘rotten garbage ‘ .

Sweet and tasty pineapple cake

Taiwanese pineapple cake

 Once upon a time Taiwan  was the World’s most important producer of pineapple cake and unsurprisingly, one of the Islands typical desserts is Pineapple cake. It is  square in  shape . It is buttery and is filled with  pineapple filling, similar to jam. People often eat it around the lunar new year. Taiwan dialect of pineapple cake is ‘ ong lai ‘ which is similar to the Mandarin phrase meaning ‘prosperity has arrived’. Pineapple cake has become a symbol of wealth, good luck and prosperity in Taiwan.

Although 85% of the pineapples found in the country of they golden diamond variety, you can find 90 different types of the sweet and sour fruit. The recipe of this is more interesting if you give it a try.

 Travelling through the very delicious aiyu jelly

taiwanese street food aiyu jelly

If someone gives you frogspawn soup to try don’t sneer in revulsion because it is the tasty Aiyu jelly, a dessert which you should try at least once in your stay in Taiwan  This drink has fig seeds in jelly which carry a noticeable resemblance to frog eggs .This gives you a distinctive texture that makes it so tasty. The jelly tastes like a delicate herbal tea and it is slightly sweet and tastes like fruit. It is Taiwan’s famous drink that can be seen sold in night markets. Ice jelly is another name for this dish. Aiyu means love, dedication, favorite etc.

 creativity to its own way – small sausage in big sausage.

Taiwanese sausage

This is a Taiwanese street food which is known for its creativity. As the name suggests it has one sausage inside the other. The outer part is made of pancetta meat and sticky rice while the inner one is a regular grilled sausage. 

Served with a delicious soy sauce base, it is simply delicious. It is a snack which will fill your stomach for hours.

This originated in Taiwan in the 20th century .

Yummy saucy and popular Fish balls

full of minerals fish balls

Fish balls are a popular snack all over East Asia and as omnipresent in Taiwan as it is anywhere. It is served with yummy sauce. You can pick fish balls in a bowl or mortar. They are made with fish paste and simmered in a soupy porridge or are charred. Since the Fish Balls are prepared beforehand, they can also be directly add to the soup.

They are significant sources of vitamins and minerals which your body needs to carry out essential metabolic functions for optimal health.

But their prices are steadily rising. Fish balls are now 30 percent more expensive in comparison to some 10 years ago.

This is because of the rises in the price of yellow tailed fish, the main ingredient used to make fish balls.

This meal is low in fat and cholesterol and has a mild taste. The recipe of the dish is tremendous and delicious . 

 Also enjoy the traditional and national food of Taiwan’ beef noodle soup’

traditional Taiwanese street food-beef noodle soup

Amid all the weird and marvellous creations in Taiwan’s night street food markets, there is one more food to taste at least once is it’s national food – beef noodle soup.

To enjoy this, keep your eyes open for a bowl of beef  noodle soup – a simple bowl of noodles can go along with a steak of beef served in a lovely salty porridge.

This is a perfect example to show that things don’t need to be modern to be delicious.

It is referred to as Sichuan beef noodle soup in Taiwan.

Another tempting street food is Gua bao ( Taiwanese hamburger )

fluffy semi- circular Taiwanese street food gua bao

In Taiwanese street food, one of the popular street food is gua bao. It is a must to eat at least once in your lifetime. It is made with a fluffy semi – circular shaped bao bun, filled with tender pork belly, cilantro, pickled mustard greens and crushed peanuts .

They are usually eaten as a starter but can utterly be the main event on your table. It has its roots in Fujian but it is most commonly associated with Taiwan. Gua Bao is a type of hamburger which is made up of white steamed bun that encloses a fatty pork belly decorated with the traditional stuffing of pickled mustard greens, peanut dusted with sugar and cilantro . 

It has a nutty taste. Hu yao ju, or tiger bite pig, is another name for Gua Bao As it looks  like the jaws of a tiger biting into a pig .

Ah gie

ah gie, fried stuffed tofu skin

Ah Gie is a specialty of Tamsui in new Taipei city. It consists of fried tofu skin stuffed with green bean noodles and sealed with surimi, a type of fish paste. The tofu pouch absorbs most of the pork stew in which it is cooked, making it really juicy. This got its name from a Japanese word . For more spiciness, it can be eaten with chilli sauce.

I conclude by saying that

Taiwanese street food is simply amazing but don’t forget to do some sightseeing, as most of the time on the island is spent eating the incredible snacks. If you do try these delicious dishes,  then you will love Taiwan. If you are a person who travels to eat food and enjoy it, then I hope this blog is very helpful for you.

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