What’s Going On at the Ellen DeGeneres Show?

What’s Going On at the Ellen DeGeneres Show?

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is one which people watched to brighten up their day. The show engaged its audience in the light-hearted banter with their favourite stars, fun games and outrageous pranks. What appeared as a fun and positive environment doesn’t seem to be the same behind the screen.

So, why is one of the people’s most loved talk show hosts suddenly the victim of tremendous online hate? 

It all began when Nikkie de Jager, the creator behind the popular YouTube channel Nikkitutorials, addressed her experience at the Ellen Show. She expressed that she felt neglected as she wasn’t welcomed or treated the way she had expected.

Later in March, a tweet by a comedian Kevin T. Porter promising donations in exchange for stories on Ellen’s “mean” behaviour made headlines, raking in thousands of replies and engagements. There were claims of Ellen personally being rude to her employees and her outrageous demands like what her employees can or cannot eat on set.

But just how much of these claims are legitimate?

Although it is extremely challenging to ascertain the validity of most of their claims, Buzzfeed News investigated this matter with several anonymous ex-employees. A majority of their experience was found to be unpleasant due to the attitudes of the producers under Ellen. The investigation  shows exactly how toxic the work environment of the people working backstage was. One of the ex-employees claimed to be fired for taking leave from work as they were hospitalized.  Another person shed light on the casual racism that took place under the management of their producers. It was a system where the producers were favourable only to those willing to work insane hours and work to their notions.

They believed that although Ellen was not directly responsible for some of these accusations, but since she is the face of the show, she had to take accountability for it.

So what has Ellen done regarding this? 

Ellen publicly acknowledged some of these issues in a letter. She stated that it was never her intention to create an apathetic environment for her employees and that she would ensure it is not repeated. Subsequently, an internal investigation by WarnerMedia was launched on her show. 

 Ellen also faced backlash for inaptly communicating with her employees regarding their pay during the COVID situation. There had been no communication for more than a month since their lockdown commenced and no-one checking up on their physical and mental health. Soon there were follow-ups from her team regarding the claims made on twitter with each employee.

What else is she under fire for? 

There was also a viral tweet sympathizing with Mariah Carey during one of her interviews at the show. It was in 2008 when Mariah Carey was allegedly pregnant. Ellen had coaxed Mariah into revealing her pregnancy by encouraging her to drink champagne live on the show. It gets worse when we learn that Mariah had had a miscarriage not too long after the show was aired. Looking back at it, Mariah stated that she felt extremely uncomfortable at that moment.

As these developments were taking place, there were celebs in favour and against her. Actors like Ashton Kutcher and Katy Perry, and Ellen’s wife Portia expressed their support for her. On the other hand, there were stars like Brad Garrett and Lea Thompson who agreed with the allegations Ellen confronted.

Though claims are unconfirmed, and an apology was issued, what do you think?

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